It’s about Time.

This morning, at 10 am EST, Pebble’s homepage countdown finally finished, and pointed users to a Kickstarter campaign for their latest smartwatch, Pebble Time. Unsurprisingly, they blew through their modest target of $500,000 within 13 minutes. By 24 minutes in, they’d hit $1 million. At the time of this writing, they are at $4,526,809 and not showing any sign of slowing down. But there are a lot of questions – many about the watch itself, but also some important ones about the strategy for Pebble as a business in an increasingly competitive space.

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Seasonality: Time IS Money (sometimes)

With the shortest month of the Julian calendar having recently concluded, and Daylight Savings Time still messing with peoples sleep schedules this week, people become more aware of time than usual. The Idiot Economist looked at the economic impact of DST on Monday, but February has had economic effects as well. The lack of a 29th or 30th or 31st day of the month forces people to adjust their schedules or make plans slightly differently than usual. For people who get paid bi-weekly, on the earliest business day before the 2 week mark, they might find an unexpected bounty in their bank accounts as early as the 26th of February. All in all, February, in it’s short glory, has a noticeable economic impact on lots of people. But it isn’t the only temporal factor that influences the economy.

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