Target.com, the website for the major US retail company, is down right now. In related news, I am still awake at 3:30 am (atypical of me, even for a weekend night) and my wife is patiently clicking the refresh button on her computer. This current scenario is the result of a poorly-handled product launch, made worse by “quick fixes” and a lack of communication between company and consumer. Let’s break it down into the good, the bad, and the ugly, and see what we can learn from it. Maybe by the end of it all, the site will be back up, and everyone will be happy.

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Big Brother is watching…and I LIKE it!

With all of the news lately about the NSA and PRISM, it’s understandable that most Americans are concerned about their privacy. However, a constant reminder¬†that you have no¬†privacy in this modern digital age comes not from the government, but from Facebook and other websites that use ‘targeted advertising’.

You ‘Like’ a Facebook page dedicated to the new Halo game, and all of a sudden the advertisements next to your News Feed start featuring more and more video game content. Same thing when you download a game app made by Coca Cola: you’ll start seeing more Coke and soft-drink ads. It goes farther; if you mention a product in a status update, without even linking to it, you’ll begin to see relevant ads start to appear.
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